Miklos Barton – UI/UX Designer

Senior Designer based in Zürich.

I strive to design joyful and timeless experiences connecting my client's product to the need of their users.

Miklos Barton

About me

In a nutchell

I'm a lucky dude. I have plenty of hobbies and creating products from scratch is one of them, since the day I turned our 33.6kb modem on, back in 1998. At that moment I realized how technology and design can create endless possibilities. 

In the past 20 years - since I taught myself how to write HTML & Javascript by decoding source views of National Geographic and created my first website - I almost fulfilled every dream of mine. I built my own Facebook in 2003 - before Facebook became mainstream in 2008-, I've seen the rise and fall of many startups, raised 18 million CHF of investment, as a freelancer I could travel the world around and worked for sh*t lot of global brands and agencies. As it turned out, the last company I worked for: Fantasy Interactive, just recently won Best Agency in the World (full size) in 2018. I'm happy that I created so many great products which used with love by millions every day.

So yeah, that's it. 20 years and I'm still obsessed to challenge myself to create and learn something new every day. I am continuously looking for new methods and UX/UI patterns, softwares, plugins to make my daily workflow more and more efficient on a regular basis.

Besides coming up with sitemaps, wireframes, layouts, and prototypes, I'm trying to find to find time to improve my Swift development skills or exploring new techniques in After Effects or Cinema4d. 


Each project and task requires unique approaches.
Here are my all time favorite ones to achieve them.

After Effects




Senior UX/UI Designer
Zürich, Switzerland


Senior UX/UI Designer
San Francisco • Remote

Clients: UFC, IMG, Hueawei or Royal Caribbean

  • Attend daily standups (via Google Hangout)
  • Leading the UFC Design Team
  • Communicating with the UX Team
  • Communicating with external vendors
  • Creating Wireframes
  • Creating Visual Styleguides
  • Creating Interactive Prototypes
  • Creating Moodboards
  • Designing outstanding visuals for websites, interwebs, and mobile user interfaces


Senior UX/UI Designer
Zürich, Switzerland


  • Creating a visual identity (Logo, name card, T-shirt, etc.)
  • Art Direction
  • Website Visual Design for Web and Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • Creating Information Architecture
  • Creating User Flows
  • Creating a TV Advertisement
  • Creating Social Media Ads
  • Continuously improve UX and Visual Design
  • Design handoff to the Dev Team
  • Communicating with the Dev Team and Management
  • Visiting offices in Berlin and Belgrade
  • Attend at company events


Senior Designer
Zürich, Switzerland


  • Attending daily standups
  • Creating visual designs for mobile app
  • Creating visual designs for websites
  • Communicating with UX Team
  • Communicating with Dev Team
  • Design handoff to the Dev Team


Digital Art Director
Budapest, Hungary

Clients: McDonald's, Vodafone, OTP Bank, WizzAir.

  • Designing brochures, posters
  • Creating visual designs for websites and microsites
  • Designing Social Media apps
  • Visual design for mobile apps
  • Communicating with UX Team
  • Handoff to the dev team


Senior Designer
Budapest, Hungary

Clients: Coca-Cola, HBO, Mol, Kraft Foods, Hungarian Post, Betsson etc.

  • Designing and developing interactive ads in Adobe Flash
  • Designing promo websites and microsites
  • Developing interactive Flash websites and microsites
  • Design handoff to the dev team
  • Art Direction


Cafe Interactive

Senior Designer
Budapest, Hungary

Clients: BMW, OTP Bank, Vodafone, Radio Danubius.

  • Designing and developing interactive ads in Adobe Flash
  • Designing promotional websites and microsites
  • Developing interactive Flash websites and microsites
  • Design handoff to the dev team
  • Attending project kickoffs


Software Developer
Budapest, Hungary


  • Frontend development
  • Custom PHP/XML modul development
  • Email and newsletter template development

Volunteer experience

During my college years, I helped IAESTE (International Association for the Students for Technical Experience) by spending most my time in a cellar developing websites for the organization.

2004 - 2005


National Secretary


  • Communicate with Local Committees and their Presidents
  • Visiting Local Committees on-site 
  • Report to Local Committees
  • Communicate on a daily basis with Vice Presidency
  • Attend at local, national events
  • Attend at Annual Conference (Vienna, Austria)
  • Create an Annual Report



Summer Reception Coordinator


  • Built a custom CMS (Trainees were able to subscribe for upcoming events, upload photos, chat, etc.
  • Trainee arrivals, departures
  • Organization of accommodation
  • Organization of local and international events
  • Organization of International Day event
  • Accounting for revenue and expenses
  • Report to the Vice President of Finance and Vice President of Exchange
  • Report to the National Committee

2002 - 2005


Web Coordinator


  • Maintain the server (Linux)
  • Maintain mailing lists and users
  • Built a custom CMS (website and intraweb)
  • Creating promotional websites and microsites for events
  • Update websites and intraweb
  • Report to the National Committee
  • Attend, report and speak both national and international conferences (CEC: Prague, Checz Republic)

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